What is CMAM?

Community Management of Severe Malnutrition (CMAM) in Children

How does it work?

  • Ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF) is a high energy and nutrient dense packet food. It means that severe malnutrition can now be treated in communities instead of in a hospital type setting. In 2013 the local government of Varanasi gave us permission to use this food. We were and remain the only organisation in the region to be given this permission.
  • Each 90g packet of food costs about 30 cents and we give 1 packet of food every day. We have an average weight gain of 15 grams per day.
  • Our CMAM program runs to best international practice and follows the World Health Organisation protocols.

We are the first and only organisation in the world to run both maternal nutrition and CMAM programs in the same area, this means that we are treating malnutrition in children as well as taking effective preventive measures to stop malnutrition from occurring in the first place.