Where and how to start was the maternal nutrition program was our question. We had received guidelines from the World Health Organization on how to identified when a pregnant mother was malnourished. How every we are the first organization to actually start such a program.

Within days of my return I was on the back of a motorbike on the way to a village with two boxes of Easy Paste food for malnourished children.

As we passed a slum area at the side of the road a woman caught my eye. Traveling too fast to understand what I was seeing I decided to call back on our return from the village. On return we were at the other side of a 4-lane busy road. As we navigated our way through the busy traffic our eyes met again. In her eyes I saw a desperate cry for help. As I got closer I understood the help she was looking for way not for herself but for her unborn child. She was 3 months pregnant and just 33kg in weight and so with this lady began a new chapter in the projects history.

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