Reaka joined the project in 2013.
With no schooling in her childhood Reaka life had been filled with hardship and poverty. Determined to make a life for herself she started to go to adult literacy classes. Once she had achieved basic reading and writing skills she came to work for the project in 2013. It was a pivotal year for the project as we were the first organization in the state of Uttar Pradesh to be given permission to use Ready To Use Therapeutic Food. This meant that our treatment of severe malnutrition in children could leave the hospital and go to slum areas and villages. It is true to say that Reaka single handedly managed this transition. She set up contacts with networks of women in slum areas to help us find malnourished children. She used that same network to start the maternal nutrition program.

Pat McMahon

Pat founded the project in 2004 and is a registered general nurse (BSc Adult Nursing). He spearheads fundraising in Ireland as well as holding the project vision in India. Since 2015 he has extended his role to nutrition advocacy at a International level. Please see the advocacy section on the web site. Pat does not receive a salary or take any expenses for his work.

Dr R.K. Singh

Dr Singh is a native of Varanasi is considered to be one of the best pediatricians in the City of Varanasi for the critically ill child. Over the past 13 years working with the project his experience in dealing with malnutrition has led to countless lives being saved. We have made the transition from hospital based activities to a community based approach. Dr Singh continues to play a vital role within our work.


Khokoon Banerjee is a native of Calcutta, he met pat in early 2004 and they have worked together ever since. He manages many aspects of the day to day running of the project on the ground. He is known it seems by everybody in Varanasi and will always find the solution to the project. Trained by Dr Singh over the years he is our medical and nutrition specialist in the field.


Praba is one of our long term government employed field workers. She is a good example of our incentivized based system of care that Reaka set up.

Sypria and Shanti are our mobile team

Sypria and Shanti have worked with us for the past 5 years, they are our nutrition educators and councillors. On busy camp days there role primarily is to listen to the mothers, advice and help create support structures within the villages themselves


Rahul is our driver and owns the Auto rickshaw that we rent.