Pat Mc Mahon is a voice for those that have no voice. His voice is unique because it comes from 13 years directly in the field dealing with malnutrition and its consequences. ‘Nutrition for All’ is the advocacy wing of Mothers First.
Its’ primary advocacy focus is on the lack of attention given to maternal malnutrition in global nutrition targets and the Sustainable Development Goals.

This picture shows the beginning of that advocacy journey in 2015. Silently and peacefully he walked alone around a small roundabout in front of the conference centre in Geneva for three days. He walked not in protest but in Solidarity with those women and children most directly affected by malnutrition and hunger in our world. The delegates response was truly humbling, umbrella, gloves, tea, coffee, food and even a place to stay were offered and gratefully accepted.

For those that are interested we would encourage you to read our two-page advocacy position paper here.

A Proud moment.

After 3 years of advocacy we played an instrumental role in ensuring anemia in women was included as an indicator to measure the Sustainable Development Goals. The delegation room was filled with UN Agencies, Government representatives, Civil society organisations. All with there own priorities.

The clock was ticking and no one were talking about women. With a thousand butterflies in my stomach I raised my name card to speak. It was not eloquent, it was full of nerves but what I said contained the truth that we needed at least 1 indicator to measure women’s nutritional status. Mine was the last speech before the meeting was closed for deliberation. 1 hour later the meeting was convened and anemia was included.

Read advocacy position paper

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